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Using Background color rather than transparency

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I am a convert from Paintshop Pro (old version). There is one feature I miss and can't figure out in Paint.net.

Specifically when I lasso a section of a screenshot and move it, I would like to leave behind a chosen background color in its place. This was easy in Paintshop but I can't figure out how to do it here. Instead, I seem to have to grab another selection, copy it and put it over the transparent part. Simple enough to do but cludgy. Looked at the manuals and couldn't find a mention.

Thanks for all advice.


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Create a new layer and fill it with your background color. Put this layer under the layer you're working with.

Thank you. I tried your method but haven't figured out how to size a layer or create one to size.

However, I did realize that I can pick a color and then use the bucket tool to fill the transparent region with that color. That is a click or two more than desired but perfectly workable. I can also copy another region and move it over to cover the transparency.

That's good enough for my purposes.

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