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Photoshop-like guide lines

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I know this topic has been briefly addressed here: but I thought it would be worth revisiting as the point seemed to get lost in a personality clash.

I dislike Photoshop for its terrible interface but there are a lot of resources out there written as PSD files and it would be very handy if the looked exactly the same when opening them in Paint.NET. They do, almost. The only exception I have found so far is that guidelines in PSD don't show in Paint.NET and that makes some PSD templates I have wanted to use rather awkward to handle.

It would be really great from my point of view if Photoshop-like guide lines could be added to the enhancement request list. I know you can reproduce or simulate the guide lines with a layer and some lines but it would be handy to have the lines appear without having to recreate them manually (perhaps an auto-added layer is a way to go to implement them).

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