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Background in Letters

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i am a totally noob to this (downloaded paint.net about one week ago) but i'm getting really fascinated by this software.

what i would like to know is: how can a i make letters "transperent" so that i can fill it with some different backgrounds?

just like in the picture i attached. i have no idea how you would call this, so if there already are tutorials, please provide

me with the keyword(s) i have to look for.

thank you very much in advance!


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helps still appreciated but i figured out that you simply add 2 layers (background+text) and then mess with the layer properties...

additive does a pretty good job (but not the whole nine yards) and so does diference (here i still got too much of the orig. background

with inverted colors....)

thanks sarkut! i'll give it a try...

EDIT: YEP! that did it! thanks for ur help !!!!


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