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Another Color Replacement Plugin


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This is a slightly different Color Replacement plugin. Another replace tool which might work better on some images.

Color replacement is very image dependent, and different approaches work better on different images and even when it is pretty good, you may have to touch it up to your satisfaction.

This one allows source color selection with either a cursor on a thumbnail of the image, or the using the primary color.

Then selection discrimination can be with either Hue or RGB and there is a tolerance slider.

The selected color may be made Transparent, replaced with a Solid Color or replaced with a Hue

The selection can be Reversed. i.e. change the colors not selected

If replacing with hue, the Intensity and Saturation can be modified with sliders

The new color is selected with a color wheel

Here is the User Interface: (Click to see full size)


and some results: (Click to see full size)


Works best on images with distinctly different colors.

Unzip and place the DLL in the Effects folder. V1.0

DPL Color Replacement.zip

and find Effects->Color->Color Replacement

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