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looking for specific tool?

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About a year or so ago, I found a great tool (that I use on a daily basis). Problem is, I got a new computer, and now need to reload the tool to the new computer.

But I can't remember what it is called or where I found it!

When it was on my old laptop, I would access it by choosing Effects>Fill>and then I don't remember what came after that.

But here is how it worked- After I had chosen my photo, and clicked on the tool, a little window would pop up and it automatically round the corners of my photo and I could choose the percentage of transparency I wanted, and how large the rounded corner was.

I think the tool was by Pyrochild, but I've searched his pluggins and din't think I saw it, so I may be mistaken.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me!!!

I want my corners to look like the one on the attached photo...


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