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newbie- Is this program for drawing pictures?

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Hi, I am attempting to draw a picture but cant figure out how to paint realistically. Is there a transparency option so I can layer colors slowly? I want to use this program more to draw pictures from scratch than to edit photos. Heres an example of a picture im drawing. How do I make the ground look more realistic (looking for a cracked, dry ground). I have three layers right now, but Still cant figure it all out. The Background/colors are on one layer, the black lines on another, and everything else on the last (later to be deleted). However, I can't figure out how to color the background without covering up what I already have.

Is there any way to put an area "off limits", like if im coloring the background not to get the color on the egg?

Im trying to find tutorials for basic painting tools, but I can't find one.

PS Im not sure I like the sky... Id rather just draw my own but I can't figure out how to :(


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For this drawing it would be best to have the sky as bottom layer. (Call it Layer One)

Layer Two, the yellow.

Layer Three, the fill of the eggs.

Layer Four, the black outline for the eggs.

If you then position a new layer above Layer Two, but below layer Three,

you can make changes that will show on the background.

Those changes won't affect the eggs because the changes are on a layer that is lower than the egg layer.


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