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Possum Roadkill

WOTW # 28 Discussion Thread

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Should the awards just be general awards, nothing specific? Because you are going to combine your competitions into one, would it be a bad thing to make, for example, awards with planets, or anything else that is specific to a certain competition?

OK, after a snack and watching Storm Chasers, here is what I think. I think we need a multi-purpose WOTW award. The Photo Manip awards were only awarded for three rounds, so I can use them a few more times. There is still one last round of the SAC to go, so those awards will be used one more time. I think an award that covers anything is going to be hard, so I think something like what Barbieq did for the AOTW would be good or something with text in a cool texture would also be cool. I don't want to limit people's imaginations, so I think the more open the comp is the better. So, clear as mud? :lol::D

B):lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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