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Merging Photos

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I am very new to photo editing.

What are the basic steps required to be able to place one photo on top of another and slide the second photo so as to be able to line up the second photo with a defined point in the first --- eg, both photos are of a landscape scene with the first being the LHS portion of the scene and the second being the RHS of the scene with (say) a tree on the RHS of the left photo and on the LHS of the right photo and you want to join the two photos on the tree to make one wide photo of the entire scene.

Sorry if this is a very simple process and I thank you in advance for the replies.

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Open the left-side picture in Paint.NET.

Import the right-side image.

Layers > Import From File...

Press Esc to deselect.


Expand the canvas.

Image > Canvas Size...

By absolute size

Be sure that there is not a checkmark at Maintain aspect ratio.

Double the Width.

Anchor at the Left.



Layers > Rotate / Zoom

Set X Pan to 1.000


Make additional adjustments of position with the Move Selected Pixels tool. :MoveTool:

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