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How to create perforation from source image?

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I would like to ask your help for creating an image where the background image will only be visible through the parts that are made transparent from another image.

I would like to make the black parts from attached file transparent, so I could use it in one layer atop of a background image. It would be very nice if it is also possible to 'play' with the variances of Grey in the tile square in order to determine the amount of black/Grey which would be 'cut out'.

I hope somebody will be able to explain how this can be done with paint.net?

Thank you in advance!



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Using the image as an Alpha Mask on itself will do the job.

Download the Alpha Mask Import plugin here:

Alpha Mask

Download the zip to your Desktop or Downloads folder.

Open the zip by left-clicking, then copy/paste into the Paint.NET/Effects folder.

Best to do this with Paint.NET closed.


You can vary the gray in the tile by making a selection around it,

then using Brightness / Contrast.

Adjustments > Brightness / Contrast

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