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How to make a "wet floor" reflection?

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Ive been using paint.net on and off lately, and I found this one photo that really caught my eye. Im really interested in how this works, but not matter where I look for this "procedure", I cant find how its done.

The file is dj cassie.jpg

My question: How can I make my lettering like that, with a black background, and make the lettering have a water-like reflection.

Many thanks in advance, and please dont get upset with me, because I dont have much time to search your big forums.



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Or if you want to do it the hard way -

Duplicate the text, flip it vertically and move it into position just under the original.

Make sure your colours are on the default setting ( black & white)

Choose the linear gradient tool with the transparent gradient option then right click just below the flpped text and draw upwards.

This will fade out the text like with the Wet Floor Reflection plug in.

Have fun. ;)



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