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Need help installing.


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Alright, so im attempting to re-install paint.net but im having an issue. i had it originally installed on another hard drive but i took that HD out and replaced it with another, but now im attempting to reinstall it again on my primary. and everytime i do it gives me a fatal error message and wont install. ive already deleted the registry keys i could find but still doesnt work, its showing up in the unisntall list but when ia ttempt to uninstall it, it wont let me and cancels. so any help would be appreciative :\

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Moved to Troubleshooting.

ive already deleted the registry keys i could find

Yeah, uh, don't do that, uh, ever. Terrible idea unless you really know what you're doing. (Hint: you don't)

Try everything in this thread. And by everything, I mean EVERYTHING. EVERY LAST LINE.


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