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Topo Map

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Guest PsychoHarmonic

Looks like you would have to go over it very carefully in 400-800% zoom and erase everything but the lines....there might be a faster way but, I don't know of one because I am still a newb myself.

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Seeing as how the brown lines are aliased, this ought to be easy. First, select the magic wand tool, and set the tolerance to 0%. Also, make sure you are in global mode. The, click one of the brown lines (carefully, making sure not to click anything else. Now, press Ctrl+Shift+I. This will invert the selection. Finally, press Delete. Tada!

Of course, being a newbie, some of that terminology might be unfamiliar to you, so just ask if you're not sure what I'm talking about. :)

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Another thing that you could try is:

Use the Color Picker tool in the center of one of the wide topo lines.

This sets the Primary Color to the topo line color.

Use the Grim Color Reaper plugin to turn the topo lines transparent.

Leave What Color? set to Primary Color.

Adjust the sliders for the best result.


Use the Silhouette Plus plugin to turn the pixels black.


Use the black layer as an Alpha Mask applied to the original map image.


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