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need help with 3d T'ext

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mods can you change this topic,i posted in the wrong forum

my ecxuse


i want a tattoo on my shoulders so i decide to create my own.

but now i have a problem with the name.

i create 3 backgrounds like muscle,biomechanical and bones,but i want the name incarved (like a 3d stamp) in the background like it's one image.

can someone help me with this because i try it all the way but i cannot get the text in the background.

Or any other sugestions will be also good.

here you can find the pnd and also the other backgrounds.

My link

pasword is shauni

greets b,


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very nice.

i used the tutorial and came to this picture.

But i'm also intrest in your tutorial and i'm looking to find a way to create the name inside(like burn) the muscle,now i got a 3D text upside.

for now the winner is yours :-)

greets b,


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On the text layer, with the Shift key down. Magic Wand the alpha.

Make a new layer, apply Bevel Selection.

Make a new layer, invert the selection, apply Bevel Selection,

but switch the Highlight color to black, and the Shadow color to white.

Press Esc to deselect.

Apply True Blur - Radius 1, to both bevel layers.

Adjust layer opacity.


Start with oversized text and resize down as a last step, for a sharper look.

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Here's a few things I've learned about using bevels...

When you use bevel selection on transparent layers it's always good to give it an object feather with radius 1 afterwards to get rid of the pixelation from the selection outlines. This way you won't have to blur the whole bevel.

Another thing I do with bevels is to make several bevels with the same selection, each with different thickness and each on its own layer. Then I can adjust the blend modes/opacities of each layer to create a sort of gradient bevel.

Also there's an alternative to using bevel selection: you can just type the text in black on a transparent layer, apply a slight blur, then use height field to normal map or engrave/emboss, whichever suits your purpose better. Height to normal seems to work better on things with small detail, but you'll need to convert it to black and white. After you apply height field or emboss, set the layer on overlay, and if it's not strong enough duplicate the layer a few times until it is.


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