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Portable paint.net question

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Newbie here to the forums. I have enjoyed photography and post-processing with software like yours for a while.

I installed your great application this month for the first time. Love it! Have yet to try plug-ins.

I came back to your site looking for a portable version but only found some suggestions from software developers here (their icon said they were).

They wrote, in the forum, to go to the LiberKey.com website for portable paint.net

I did go there and then looked for LiberKey's reputation online before I downloaded and found little to impress me positively.

LiberKey had few happy campers on Gizmo's Freeware site. LiberKey appears to give away portable Open Source software, maybe freeware too.

Then I found this article (link & partial quote below) speaking against them. It has a quote from a PortableApps.com developer John T. Haller.

Then I found tons of shining positives online for the PortableApps.com site. Sooo now I'm suspicious of LiberKey.com with portable paint.net in their wares.

How much is true? Should paint.net folks be recommending them?



LiberKey: That's Not Freedom, That's Shoplifting

I bumped into the LiberKey collection the other day while looking for additional information about the Google Chrome 3.0 beta. LiberKey had a binary version of same, but after writing about it in Friday's blog, John T. Haller of PortableApps.com dropped me a line to inform me I'd been duped. Apparently he's only one of the many people the LiberKey folks have been ripping off, and has talked about it on the PortableApps.com forums many times before. To wit:

It looks like they're repackaging most of that freeware [e/g., Chrome]without permission. And they're using the trademarks of Google, Mozilla and many others in connection with modified software, also apparently without permission, which isn't permitted by any of the trademark guidelines I've seen. They distribute GPL/LGPL/etc software (OpenOffice.org, VLC, Miranda, etc) without also distributing the source as required by the license. ... And their updater is closed source and requires you to give them your email address.

They were using most of our software but with our splash screens, readme files, source code and the GPL license removed in violation of the GPL for about a year. When I instructed them to replace the source directories, credits, etc, they ignored the email and then, magically, a few weeks later they'd created closed source launchers for all the apps with purposely obfuscated configuration files. They have still refused to provide the source to their end-users (which they are required to do for a period of at least 3 years) or make them aware of the GPL and copyright violation.


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LiberKey has permission to redistribute Paint.NET. Other than that, I don't know anything about their software suite, installers, licensing policies, or corporate dress code.

If they're abusing other projects' licenses, that's not really our problem.


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