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Drawing MP4 Player


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I'll try to describe how i draw a MP4-player in Paint.NET. I dont know English very well, so sorry, if I had made some mistakes ;)

Result of the lesson:


1) Open Paint.NET, create a new document with dimensions of 1600x1200 (nearly).

2) Choose the "Rounded Rectangle" tool and draw the outline of future player. Name the layer "player_outline".


3) Choose "Magic Wand" tool, set Tolerance to 67% and select the area within the outline. Create a new layer naming"player", which place under a layer "player_outline". Choose #060606 color. Then fill the selection with Paint Bucket tool.


4) Create a new layer "button_outline", place it higher than layer "player_outline". Choose "Ellipse" tool and draw two circles in the bottom of the player so that one of them was inside the other. It will be player buttons.


5) Create a layer naming "button", below the layer "button_outline". Choose the Magic Wand tool select an area of the internal circle. Return to the layer "button", and select the Gradient tool. Set primary color to #151515 and secondary to #060606, and in options choose radial gradient. Fill the inner circle with radient, as on picture below:


6) Again choose the Gradient tool, then set a primary color to #333333 and secondary to #0B0B0B. Choose layer "button_outline", select area of the external circle, returni to the layer "button" and fill selection with gradient:


7) Create a new layer above the layer "button" and name it 'icons". Choos color #A50000 and with Line tool draw icons. Then choose Text tool and write "MENU" on the top of button:


8) Create a new layer "display" above the layer "icons". Choos color #111111 and, then choose Rounded Rectangle tool wand drow the screen of the player:


9) Create a new layer "display_light" above the layer "display". Choose the layer "display", and select area of the screen with Magic Wand Tool. Return to the layer "display_light", and draw a white curve within the selection:


Next, without removing the selection, choose the Paint Bucket tool, set Tolerance to 67% and fill area above the linewith white colour. Set opacity of "display_light" layer to 15:


10) Create a new layer below the layer "display_light", and name it "display_items". Combining Line tool, Text tool, and Gradient draw images on the screen:


11) If you wish, you can draw a background to the player, reflection and so on.

That's all. Our player is ready :)

Source .pdn file is here.


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