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How to Bevel More than 50 Pixels

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I've gotten the bevel plugin (which is awesome) and I'm trying to figure out how to bevel something more than 50 pixels high. If I try to make a mountain, for example, and make a very larget, flat surface and bevel it I end up with a pretty-looking plateau.

I've used the magic wand to select the top of the plateau and thenS bevel again, which actualy works well except it leaves a ring around the consecutive bevels (see attached image).

So does anyone know how to bevel more than 50 pixels or how to eliminate this ring effect?



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Here's an example using a desired bevel of 200. (4 times 50)

Make the selection that you want to bevel.

Make a new layer, fill the selection with black.

Ctrl A, to select all of the layer.

Use the Move Selected Pixels tool on the lower-right

adjusting node while holding down the Shift key.

Move the node up and to the left until the X and Y

dimensions are one quarter of the canvas dimensions.

Magic Wand the black, make a new layer, run Bevel Selection at 50.

Make a rectangular selection of 1/4 canvas dimensions in that corner around the bevel.

Use the Move Selected Pixels tool to expand the selection to full canvas size.

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