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Duplicate entries in Effects

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I've got quite a few duplicated entries in the Effects menu, e.g. Effects>Distort>Drop ripple/Glass blocks/Lens/Multiview warp etc. They all appear twice.

In Effects>Photo I've got two vignettes. I've checked the Effects folder and can't find any of them - not even single versions.

It's not a big deal - they just make the menu longer than it needs to be and I'd like to tidy them up.

Anyone got any suggestions?


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That looks like you have a really messy effects folder.. 'If you can't find them anymore, my suggestion would be to completely empty it.

Then download the effects again, it's all tidied up again and you have new and updated effects.

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Sounds like you have multiple versions of Ed Harvey's effect set. Get rid of anything starting with EdHarvey.Effects and go grab the latest version of that.

Of course, I think that's what happened. Thanks Pyrochild. I'll do that right now.

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