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Cutting the main subject from a pic.

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Firstly, I've no doubt this subject is covered somewhere, but being completely photo illiterate, I've no idea of the correct terms to search for.

I'm just starting my 1st online shop and want my pics to look professional, so am trying to get rid of the background, so the main item just has a white background.

Some of my items are toys, perfume, etc, some are clothes shoes. I've been trying to either fill the background of the attached pic, or tried to follow one of the tutorials on youtube, but its not easy to follow when there are no verbal instructions and you haven't a clue! plus, when he goes to select the background, that tool isnt in mine. So came to a standstill.

I got as far as a new layer ( which i have no idea what this is I hasten to add) then took an age outlining, which with so many curves to a human form, wasn't easy, then nothing else I clicked on seemed to work. the magic wand seemed to select the whole picture.

When I tried the magic wand on its own, it took in the carpet too. When I reduced the ratio, it only highlighted part of the suit.

I have LOADS of pics to upload to fleabay, so if there is an easy way to do this, I'd be eternally grateful to know how, as I'm climbing the walls and losing the will to live!

Hope someone can help



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Only losing it with frustration at my lack of knowlege......

Thanks, but I've already tried to follow Simons instruction as well as the online vids.

Don't know what I'm doing wrong, but I've got as far as marking the outline, then I click on the background, but the whole picture goes a pale blue colour, which I guess is where its highlighting the whole thing.......... Just don;t know whats going wrong, other than I'm feeling remarkably world class thick as a brick!

Just can't get it to do what its supposed to. When I click ctrl I, then delete, it removed the whole picture, leaving me with a checkered background and the outline drawn on it!

I can feel a HUGE G&T coming on soon! .......Well, its 5 o'clock somewhere!

Thanks for your help


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