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auto detect scanned photos

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After years I started to test paint.net again. Primary I want to use it to rework scanned photos. I've allready scanned dozens of TIFFs, each with 2 or more photos. I know a function in Photoshop (don't ask for the English description, because I use a German version) which can automatically detect the photos within the TIFF and divide each one in a separate window. Ok, almost it should because it doesn't really work as trusty as the function implies. However, I'm looking for a equal function (plugin) for this procedure in paint.net. Further Photoshop has a function that can arrange a photo horizontally. Don't ask me how it works but this function does work. :)

Are there any plugins or built in functions that can preform these actions? I've allready searched the plugin database but I can't find any plugin that meet my requirements. (Well, one reason could be my English knowledge :D )

Thanks in advance


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