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Cloning Stamp Problem

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Okay... I'm going the way I'm going to describe this might sound stupid, but it's the only way I can think of making much sense.

Say there is a green apple on a red background, and I want to cover up that apple with the same colour as the background. I click the cloning stamp on the red background, then move to the apple and click and hold to begin colouring over the apple. When I get so far into colouring over the apple, it starts to appear again, as the circle from where I first clicked on the background has moved.

I saw a video of a Photoshop tutorial, which I where I took the idea from, but on that, the second circle - where I first clicked to get the sample I wanted to use to cover the image - doesn't move, therefore I can go ahead with what I need to do. I don't know how different Paint.net is from Photoshop on a scale, but from having played around with PS a little on a friend's computer, I much prefer Paint.net - I can do everything I have needed to do so far, ie. resizing, watermarking, modifying the way a picture looks, etc.

Can anyone give me any advice, please?

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To avoid this, using your example:

Start coloring over the apple, and before the unwanted color

starts to appear, let the mouse-button up momentarily.

The distance between the anchor point and the stamp point

is the maximum distance you can go without letting the mouse-button

up in this particular example.

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