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Problems adding layers to a 'long, thin' image

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Hello. I'm presently trying to put together a seven day food diary into one image. Each day is currently one scanned image of the diary so I presently seven in all. Each image is nicely cropped and re-sized, being 1000 wide by around 1440 in height. I plan to place the heading (Food Diary: 17th March 2010 - 23rd March 2010), sub-headings (Day 1, Day 2 etc) and images onto separate layers so that I can move each layer about so that everything is just right. Simple in theory, something which I've done numerous times before but not on such a large scale.

Taking into account some space for the heading, sub-headings plus the seven images, I calculated the canvas size to be 1000 x 10199. I then generated a blank canvas of this size which was shown on screen at 6% of it's actual size. As you can imagine, it's just a long thin white line.

So for a better view, I zoomed in to around 66%, and entered the heading and first sub-heading onto separate layers with no problems. But when I tried to enter the first image (Layers > Import From File) on another layer, nothing appeared on the canvas though the layer showed on in the 'layers' window.

However, if I zoomed out to 6% again so that the entire canvas was shown, the image was there at the top of the canvas but way to small to do anything with, never mind read.

Basically, I need the images to be big enough so that I can correctly align them, but I can't do this as the image on the canvas is not show unless the whole canvas is in the screen, then it's too small.

I would be grateful if someone could point out where I'm going wrong here.

Sorry for the longwindedness, but I thought it best to try to fully explain what I was trying to do and the problem that I was having. Thanks. Glynn.

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