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So, basically, I've been messing around with photos of my friends on Facebook for about a week now, and these are some results. (This is my first photo editing experience.)

Original --> Edit, Original --> Edit, etc.

Spacey and Colorful

Hidden Content:
th_16845_601769023319_42801514_3445199.jpg th_parks.jpg th_24767_345402182037_296812492037_424.jpg th_Blake1.jpg th_Blake2.jpg th_11563_1292251833514_1446831938_8172.jpg th_chandandwend.jpg th_20271_1291974132357_1020375090_3083.jpg th_jamesrieger.jpg th_n1126741391_162829_7894.jpg th_sky-1.jpg th_6129_94883629669_644144669_1869888_.jpg th_adriansilly.jpg th_n1221157225_155555_1078.jpg th_maddy.jpg th_12945_1237571492010_1010931100_3074.jpg th_krista.jpg th_15743_1263247013882_1010931100_3080.jpg th_krista2.jpg th_17037_1315338600729_1148637606_9751.jpg th_OPEjpg.jpg th_n1302607203_158688_6721.jpg th_Sarah2.jpg th_Maira0.jpg th_Maria.jpg

Not So Colorful

Hidden Content:
th_17936_392461240455_780975455_105910.jpg th_rafe.jpg th_11840_199551651304_660936304_312652.jpg th_ed.jpg th_17271_1216738975789_1148297740_3054.jpg th_mason.jpg th_Realme.jpg th_YES.jpg (that's me)

Subtle Variations

Hidden Content:
th_n584490185_1353141_4996.jpg th_tiff-1.jpg th_14367_1124145238470_1672293459_2864.jpg th_daniel.jpg
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