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Should I read a book on photoshop?

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I can't say I've ever heard of any books about Paint.NET, but if you press F1 while Paint.NET is open, you can view the online help for Paint.NET which should help you with the basics. Also, there is a Newbie Playground section in the Tutorials part of this forum. The tutorials there may also help you.

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Depending on the content of the book, it may or may not be helpful. If it's all about, say, the hidden features of Photoshop, no it won't be any use. But if it contains lots of good information about layers, blend modes, color theory, advantages and disadvantages of different file types, etc., then sure. Give it a try.


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hi guys,

Thank you for your replies. By the amount of views my question got, I guess I'm not the only one looking for a book.

I don't know what layers are, etc., so I think I should get a book on graphics printing.

Can anyone recommend a graphics printing book?

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