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How to get this text effect?

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I'm really sorry if the title isn't specific enough, but I don't really know what to call this:


The big text: "Lovesongs, they kill me."

I made this a long time ago and I forgot how to do that. I saved the .pdn document, so I could refer back to it, but I still can't figure out what I did.


That's the top layer; I recall using the "Soften Portrait" tool.

As a note, the font is "Beyond Wonderland".

The mode was sent onto glow, over this layer:


This layer; I used glow on it. I'm fairly certain I used glow more than once...

Now, I have no idea if I did anything else. D:

Is it anyone able to direct me as to how I did this? Or how to get more or less a similar effect?

As far as I remember,I was only able to do this with the "Beyond Wonderland" font.

Also, I'm kinda a newbie :oops:

So, again, forgive me for any mistakes I've made. D: I looked over the rules, but I think I didn't do anything wrong...

Thank you very, very much in advance!

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In terms of the two separate layers shown this will get you close:

For the lighter colored layer, make your text in red.

Duplicate the layer.

Recolor the top layer white, and blur it.

Merge the two layers.

For the darker colored layer,

again duplicate a red text layer.

Recolor the bottom layer black.

Blur the red top layer.

Merge layers.


I used a somewhat more elaborate method to make this:

(Close but not spot-on)


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