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How Do I Move a Layer to a Precise Location?

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I am having difficulty moving a layer using the nub.

The problem is that I want to move the layer just a tiny amount (let us say 'down' for example).

However, the layer might also move left or right at the same time or 'down' too far.

In other words, I do not have the fine motor control to move the layer *precisely* using the nub.

Does the ability to use the directional arrow keys exist or some other method to move a layer in only one direction minutely?

Thank you in advance.

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It is possible to move any selection up and down minutely using the arrow keys once the selection has been made. So if you wanted to move the entire layer you'd make sure the layer was selected, click Ctrl + A to select all of it and then use the arrow keys to move it around one pixel at a time.

Edit: You must click the move selected pixels tool after you've clicked Ctrl + A or made your selection otherwise the arrows do nothing :)


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