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  1. Belated congratulations I hope you have both settled in the routine of parenthood and that he's doing well.
  2. Hi everyone! Don't mind me, I think it's about time I appear and wax lyrical about the years gone by. Miss y'all, and a big shout out to some of the people I remember fondly (back in the days of paintdotnet.forumer.com): DarkShock, Kemaru, Gamer_Word14, survulus, Crimson, Ego Eram Reputo, TopHATslash, BoltBait, david.atwell, pyrochild, MikeRyan, welshblue, oma, HELEN, yy10, barbieq25, Sozo, Rubrica, Goonfella, flip, Sharp, csm725, and of course Code_Ember... I hope you are happy and continue to make beautiful things.
  3. The Intouchables: 7/10, While the story and characters succumb to stereotype, it makes up for it by being a very fun movie, full of heart. Wreck-It Ralph: 9/10, I absolutely loved this film, the animation and creativity put into it blows my mind. It's right up there with Pixar's great films for me. And the fact Owl City performed the end of credits song was a big plus Life of Pi: 8/10, Having studied and enjoyed the book at school, I was unsure how Yann Martel's kooky book would translate to a cinematic experience. Ang Lee managed to pull it off, using CGI not just for the blockbuster "wow-factor" but as a device that allowed the story to flow naturally and in a manner very true to the source.
  4. Hi all! Thought I'd just pop my head up and give a big congratulations to all the winners of this year's awards It's great to see this little community still ticking along when I check in every now and again, with a mix of old and new people around. I wonder if this year will be the year of Paint.NET 4.0
  5. Miss you too! Your signatures were one of the highlights whenever I'd visit the Pictorium. That it does. Just over four years for me, I would have been 13 when I registered. It's weird to think this forum and its members were a part of me growing up. But things change, as I notice I've made 15 posts in the last 12 months, no longer see members I used to enjoy talking to, and no longer even have Paint.NET installed on my computer
  6. I've tried Photobucket and ImageShack, none of the urls will be accepted. Is there an option to upload? I can only see an option for Gravatar or to give a url.
  7. I used the wrong term there (I blame Facebook), I was referring to my avatar. Is there any distinction with the upgrade?
  8. Rant: I can't seem to get my profile picture to change, it won't accept the image I want to link to. It is the right size and file type, unless these requirements have changed with the updating of the forum.
  9. Wow. I'm saddened by the fact this thread has slipped to the third page. When I was more frequently visiting the forum, I used to love being encouraged by everyone posting that things were good! Come on guys, I'd love to see this thread more popular than the comparatively depressing "Confessions" thread :\ My happiness: I played on the most amazing grand piano today, and was invited to stay and play for as long I wanted. The sound was incredible and it was wonderful to just relax and bask in music, and not worry about anything else in the world!
  10. That's good to hear, please accept a late "Happy 18th" from me
  11. I'm an INTP, the same as you Kemaru. I couldn't quite believe it, considering the other similarities we share. Distinctively expressed introvert, Moderately expressed intuitive personality, Moderately expressed thinking personality, Slightly expressed perceiving personality.
  12. Accidentally lost three years worth of .pdf files... Well I wasn't really using them, and I do have the flattened jpg/png's on Photobucket, but it's still a bummer not being able to pull the images apart if I need to.
  13. Just logged on and found the new skins! 'Twas a nice surprise. I'm gravitating towards Glass at this stage, but I like Cethin as well.
  14. I'm listening to The Lion King Original Soundtrack It's the movie of my childhood, and Hans Zimmer's score is a masterpiece, it's incredibly majestic. My favourite song is This Land.
  15. Wow... So apparently nothing much good has happened in over a month?! I'll oblige to put an end to the silence. So. It's been a good week. Been awarded a scholarship to Victoria University in Wellington worth $5000; I am very glad for the financial assistance, because I will be a poor student next year! Finished filming my sister's film for Media Studies today. It's been great fun, we used a Nikon DSLR instead of camcorder which makes an amazing picture. The Rugby World Cup is on in New Zealand, so it's a lot of fun to support the All Blacks, watching all the games with friends and family, and cheering for all the underdog teams I don't recognize a single player in. =) Gave a seminar for English which went really well, the teacher was spouting hyperboles at me, and I recieved high praise from the smartest student in the school for it, which was a well-needed morale boost. There's probably other things I could say, but to sum up: Life is good!
  16. Made a new sig/avatar for the first time in over a year. It was strange to be working in Paint.NET again!
  17. Thanks for clarifying, pyro. @Kemaru: 3000 is a waay better milestone, generally multiples of 1000 have at least a slightly positive connotation
  18. Good choice Kemaru, much better than the first pair Oh. And yay, 600 posts, which is a pretty pointless milestone. Took me long enough, seeing as I've only posted eight times this year D: I have exams in two days. Why am I on here?! Why am I so cynical? Am I losing my mind? 0.o ...
  19. My desktop. Just got a Windows 7 laptop, so I'm happy
  20. Just in-case you haven't seen it yet... http://www.youtube.com/embed/CD2LRROpph0 This latest internet meme is so bad, it must be seen to be believed.
  21. Indeed Offtopic: Another bad earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand, same place as the last one. Reports of fatalities this time... looks to be worse than the previous quake.
  22. Aw, shucks. Thanks guys! I'm pleased to know I haven't quite been forgotten
  23. @BoltBait Have you tried SharePod? Apparently it works with the iPhone, you could use it to get all your wife's music off it so you can then sync with iTunes.
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