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[Request please] simple Logo

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I`m looking for someone, who can make simple Logo for me. It wont take much time i guess, but I honestly don´t manage to do something like this.

This logo ought to represent my pseudonym name in my DJ everyday life. It´s about to be used on my myspace page (more than 6840 visits, ~30-40 daily) aswell on flyers.

If I take your picture, I will of course put your name inclusivly banner on my myspace page (if you want)


It´s, as I said before, very simple. My DJ name DJ Sydecris should be written like in the following picture:


of course you can be as creative as you want to ;)

Thanks if someone is so kind and do this little free job for me. I will take every single transmittal in thanks, wether its the way i wanted it or in your way ;)

call back with email (hannobert_2@yahoo.de) or pm

added: my myspace page is www.myspace.com/djsydecris

Thank you and kind regards from Germany


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This forum is for troubleshooting and assistance specifically regarding the usage of the Paint.NET application. Just because there are graphic designers here does not mean this is the place to solicit work from them, as stated by [rule=23]Rule 23[/rule].


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