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Images changing size

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I'm trying to make a collage for my daughter's play, and I need to add several images. I'm creating a new layer for each image, but every time I try to resize an image, the layer underneath changes the size and moves the image!!! I can't get the images underneath to stay where I put them!! Also, after I switch to a new layer, I can no longer move JUST the image on a layer, the whole layer becomes selected and I have to move the image that way.

Am I doing something totally wrong???

I followed the polaroid collage tut., and I'm ready to throw this thing out the window!! :evil:

Thanks for any help!! :D

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Assuming that each picture of the collage is on its own layer,

to resize an object on a layer, make a selection around the object,

activate the Move Selected Pixels tool, :MoveTool: , hold down the Shift key,

and drag a corner adjusting node to expand or compress object size.

If you have more than one object on a layer and want to move only

one of them, make a rectangular selection around it and use the

Move Selected Pixels tool. Best to give each object its own layer.

If you use Image > Resize... it will affect all layers.

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