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What's up with the new version? It doesn't work at all for m


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the latest version simply freezes and won't even close.

Can I get the previous version back? I needed to use it tonight and am bummed.

Glad to donate through PayPal more if we can get a working version again like it used to be.

Paint.net was awesome until this version. thanks for help.

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No help here with getting a previous version, as it's against the forum rules.

What you have described is not usual behaviour for the new version.

It is likely something that can be fixed.

Any additional relevant info that you can provide may speed things along.


Is your system XP, Vista...?

What actions specifically cause the freeze?

When it freezes, does pressing Esc free it up?

Have you tried using Pdnrepair, located in the Paint.NET program directory?

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Thanks for the response so quickly. Windows XP. Yes, I used the repair also.

The freeze occurs when I chose the paint bucket tool and moved it to a .jpg project in order to change a background color. The tools bar "went blank," no paint bucket "action" occurred at that point, and the program froze. When I tried to close the program, no luck. It would not close. So I had to do a restart on my computer. This scenario happened once before the repair option and twice after I used the repair option.

Do you think I should remove the new version of paint.net and then re-install it fresh? Thank you so much.

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Re-installing may help.

Is the "freezing project" on a fairly large canvas with many layers or fairly modest in size?

Plenty of memory on the PC?

Also, is your XP fully current on Service Packs and Windows Updates?

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Hi again,

I will re-install...because just now trying to use it the same things happened as described earlier.

The freezing was on a project of 1.55 MB..which actually "might be the problem!!"

Also, yes, my XP is current with all updates.

So...I'll try making the project smaller and see if that works.

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:roll: okay, I am officially a goofball. :oops:

The project was simply too big.

Funny, after using Paint.net for months this is the first time the project was so large...and I simply didn't think to look to see if I had a monster on my hands before starting.

You have my apologies and thanks.

All systems seem to be working now I reduced project size.

It seems to work more slowly than before...but I can live with slower in order to have all these great features.

Looks like another PayPal donation is in order soon.

Thank you again. :D

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