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Problem installing 2.70

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I have on several attempts, tried to install or update 2.64 to 2.70.

Every time I get this error popup. It then proceeds to take me back to my previous version.


I have looked in C:\Program Files\Paint.NET\ (I do not have a folder called 'Staging'.)

The only folders I do have are entitled 'Effects' 'FileTypes' 'Help' 'Resources'

Would I be wise, to totally uninstall 2.64? If so, where would I get it back from if 2.70 fails again, as I have deleted my 2.64 download.

Please can somebody shed some light on my problem.

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I followed the instructions with trepidation.

It worked. :o Thankyou very much.

I apologise for posting this here, I did read that thread, but, it was over a year old, and did not include the version of paint.net that I had installed. I didn't think it was relevent. I didn't want to take any chances.

If this is rude, slap me with a wet kipper, but could someone update that thread to include newer versions?

Thanks again, for saving my scalp from going bald, I wouldn't look good as I am not male. :lol:

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