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First shot at UV mapping...


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Haha I'm a noob at mapping. I work with Blender 3d, as some of you may know, and decided to finally try UV mapping for the first time. Well check it out, this is what I got after 2 or 3 hours (testing, running, checking). Note: UV texturing is very hard! I practically just used the paint brush for all of this haha. Check it out! Also give comments of what you think ;) I might make a youtube video of my game or something I want to make.

Here it is: Resolution 3000x3000 (due to wanting medium-quality texture) and about 520kb in size


The game I want to make is going to be a dude who just goes around and kills zombies, because thats just awesome! Need to write up a bit of a story line though.

If you want to follow up on my on youtube, here is my account


I plan on making new videos, but cam studio is being a bugger to me, haha it will run slow as a turtle full screen (about 0.78 fps or so) I will reduce the size haha.

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