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Can I create a montage, save it, and still edit it?

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I wish to create a montage of numerous photographs. I created a layer for each image, sizing and positioning the images over the background and partly overlapping them. I then saved the file, which is automatically .pdn format. Now, when I open the file, I appear not to be able to edit any of the previously individual images. I can understand that might be the case, once the file is saved. However, it seems not unreasonable to want to save something like this, either as protection or to return to it later to continue. What, then, must I do differently? Further, I should be most grateful if anyone can point me to a tutorial on this subject.

My apologies to users: I have reopened the file and have been able to move an image. However, I should still welcome any advice to make this Paint.NET learner more competent.

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