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Paint Brush, Line/Curve and Shapes Tools stopped working

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Hope someone can help.

I have been using Paint.net for some years with no trouble but in the last couple of weeks a problem has appeared. I can no longer use the Paint Brush, Line/Curve or Rectangle, Elipse or Freeform Shape tools. I can select them but then when clicking in a work area no action is shown by the cursor animation for most of them, although the cursor changes for line/curve, and no action is recorded in the History. All other tools are working normally, including Pencil. I am completely stumped. I have tried reinstalling Paint.net with no joy.

For the record:

Tablet laptop

Vista 32 bit

Paint.net 3.36

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Just yesterday i had a similar problem, all my selection tools stopped working except the magic wand.

But then after switching between 2 images they worked again, still don't know what caused it though.

WOW! i think i have a new avatar and sig every day! The above post may contain: junk, art, wrong spelling and a lot more!

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Actually, I managed to suss this one out.

At some point in the last month or so I got a warning from my anti-virus that tabtip.exe was trying to access some system files and did I want to allow it. At the time I had no idea what tabtip was and so prevented it from access. This added it to a banned list of programs. Now, I noticed that I could use all the tools when using the tablet but not when I was using the mouse, which I thought was strange. Also, the tablet input panel whilst visible docked on the side of the screen couldn't be opened. Remembered about tabtip, looked it up and it is an essential system file for tablet use. Re-enabled it through the anti-virus and it magically started working via mouse input again (and I got the tablet input panel back). No idea why it should have killed some of the tools via mouse, but all sorted now.

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