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"There was an error opening a file"

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I am currently working on a large PNG file (12.7mb) and have made regular back-ups. Now, when I attempt to open the file, I get the message: There was an error opening a file.

The back-up copy opens normally, but any copies I make of this will not open. As I do not want to lose what amounts to a great deal of work, I am concerned about losing the back-up. Copies I make of the faulty file on my desktop, open perfectly in Window fax viewer.

Any advice appreciated.



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Further to the above post, I have now experimented and found that if I convert the problem files to Jpeg format, they open OK. However, I don't want to work on them in this format to avoid loss of definition.


Edit. Files converted to Bitmap appear to be OK, but a bit tedious to save.

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