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  1. I have just made an attempt to download and instal the latest version of Paint.NET, but had to abandon it as it attempted to instal Astromenda on my PC, which is some sort of browser hi-jacker. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  2. I have just downloaded dpy's plug-in pack and installed it into my Effects folder. However, I can't see Circle Text facility in any of my drop-down menus, although it is in my Effects folder. I have had it installed and used it in the past, but had to replace my HD so hence the re-installation. I am running Windows XP pro. Probably pilot error. All help appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Many thanks, folks. All ship-shape and Bristol fashion. Problem solved. Eric
  4. Thanks, but the transparency setting is intentional. As I said, I have not had this problem before. Here is an example of why I require transparency, besides obtaining the desired colour intensity. As you can see, the original footpaths and markings are still visible, which saves time having to reinsert them. Eric
  5. Thanks a lot. I'v tried the anti-aliasing, already, and it made no difference. This is the problem I have. The lines are going on in layers, as you can see. Eric
  6. I frequently use the lines/curve tool for filling in large items on the documents (maps) which I update.In the past, I have had no trouble doing this, but I now find that the lines no longer merge into one another, but overlap. I get the same effect when using the paintbrush tool. It is probably something that I am doing incorrectly, but blowed if I know what. Can someone please give me some advice? Thanks. Eric
  7. I have opened a .jpg image in both Paint.net and Windows Picture and Fax Viewer. The Windows image is patently better than the one in Paint.net. Click here to see them http://www.artus-familyhistory.com/source/Ledbury.html The top image is Paint, the lower Windows Viewer. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  8. Further to my question, I think I have found the answer. Delete the background layer and save the foreground as .pdn Any additional advice welcome. Eric
  9. Is it possible to create a new layer, and then save it to be merged later? The reason I ask, is that I am restructuring maps on my website, a process which requires repeated file saving and although I am working on the files in TIF format, they tend to degrade after a while. To work without saving is high risk, as a great deal of hard work can easily be lost, as I have found out. I thought that if I could spread out the saving process, it would improve matters. Thanks in advance. Eric
  10. Many thanks, dpy. A very useful piece of kit.
  11. Rhettius. I am not very bright at this game (76 years old) but, believe me, once you familiarize yourself with layers,it opens up a whole new world. Go for it!
  12. Many thanks, PC. And thanks for your plugins so far.
  13. I make a lot of use of the Lines/Curves tool on my map images. Sometimes, I find that I could use a couple of extra handles on the line in order to cope with the task, as some of them can be quite long. Is there a plug-in available that might help? I have looked, but can't find anything.
  14. Can some-one please help me. I am running Windows XP and now require to install SP3 in order to run the latest version of Paint. However, when I go to the Microsoft site, I can only see 3 download options, none of which seems to be for the actual package. Any ideas, please? Thanks in advance.
  15. I have just accidentally clicked on 'Don't Save' when closing an image I have been modifying. Bang goes half an hours work at least. Is there any way that I can recover the old image with the changes on it. I don't suppose that there is, but thanks anyway.
  16. Thanks for the input. No, I haven't added any plug-ins since upgrading. It takes about a quarter of a minute, now, for the Merge Layers function to run its course. Must be my PC. It's only a problem because I do a lot of layer work, and it seems like an eternity. I'll be upgrading my PC in the near future, anyway. so hopefully that will show an improvement. That said, the program is incredible. I have a link to it on my website at http://www.artus-fh.co.uk/source/Freebies%20Page.html It's first on the list!
  17. I have just upgraded to v3.5, but notice that some functions appear to take longer than they did previously. In particular, I find that the "merge layer down" facility is a lot slower. Any comments on this? Or maybe it's me.
  18. Has anyone any idea why the fault shown below should occur occasionally when I save an image. I have to keep backing up every couple of minutes in order to be sure that I don't loose the original files. The top section of the image (a map) is completely greyed out.
  19. Further to the above post, I have now experimented and found that if I convert the problem files to Jpeg format, they open OK. However, I don't want to work on them in this format to avoid loss of definition. Eric Edit. Files converted to Bitmap appear to be OK, but a bit tedious to save.
  20. I am currently working on a large PNG file (12.7mb) and have made regular back-ups. Now, when I attempt to open the file, I get the message: There was an error opening a file. The back-up copy opens normally, but any copies I make of this will not open. As I do not want to lose what amounts to a great deal of work, I am concerned about losing the back-up. Copies I make of the faulty file on my desktop, open perfectly in Window fax viewer. Any advice appreciated. Thanks. Eric
  21. Glad you are up and running again Pdn really is a fantastic program when it's running OK.
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