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Levels Gamma issue

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I use Levels quite often to tune exposure, brigtness or whitebalance of my photos.

I would like to point out annoyance (error?) in Levels Adjustment UI.

The numeric scale of output gamma gives result upside down: increasing output gamma number (e.g. from 1.0 to 1.2) by clicking UP arrow turns picture darker, meaning actually it REDUCES gamma. And vice versa. In my opinion clicking UP arrow should work in same direction as moving slider up (brighten image)! Currenly yes, it does increase the number, but actual result is negative. Every other software that has Gamma function, increases brightness with +gamma.

Also, it would be helpful if output gamma slider and preview image would change simultaneously if I am changing the gamma by number (not by slider). Currently slider does not move at all and preview image changes only after I click some other place on adjustments panel.

As a summary, following 3 points need improvement IMHO:

- Numeric scale of output gamma to give correct result (increasing gamma number should turn image lighter and move slider up).

- Gamma slider and preview image to change instantly when gamma number is changed.

- As pointed out by an earlier guest, gamma scale should have exactness of 0.01 instead of 0.1.

Also I have noticed slight malfunction with Output top slider: when changing by number, slider does not move and preview image does not change instantly (while all other sliders DO move by changing number). This could also be fixed.

These few errors are something that I can get used to, but still annoying (especially Gamma issue).

Otherwise REALLY excellent tool.

Thank you,


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