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Creation of sci fi textures ?

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Well i was hoping of some insight into the workflow on creating sci fi textures...

Maybe like (Hatches,walls,vents) and so on

Im no pro at creation but i know a little i just cant seem to get it right...

Think JudgeDred Dark sci fi , pipes , rust , glow , etc

I realise this is more of a thing you learn over time but maybe a push in right direction would help

Does any one here make these things would love to see your workflow please....

Many thanks

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Hey thanks for the tip bud...

Yea thats kinda the style im talking about bit rustic etc

Hmm ? if you did make a basic tut for it ill be happy ; )

guess no one else here does this sort of thing then huh ?

Any way cheers mate

have a good one !

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