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Looking for tutorial

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i am loking for a tutorial to make a burning heart. Can sombody describe or post an tutorial in this thread for me? i didnt get any hits in the tutorials topic. pls help.thank you^^

sorry for my bad english its only school englis, an iam from germany

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A burning heart here's a tutorial to make fire:


What I would do is find a picture of a heart on google images, like this one:


I would:

cut out the white part in the heart, antialias it(or gaussian blur at 2) , create a new image, follow the tutorial, paste the heart onto the new layer on the fire image select the outside of the heart, and delete on the fire layer, than delete the heart layer.

....to get something like this:


Tell me if you need any help. I'll be happy to help.

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Photobucket sucks!
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