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Paint.Net freezes while saving file.

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System specifications:

Quad Core Intel with 3 GB RAM, Windows XP SP3, .NET frameworks 2.0 and 3.5 installed.

Repro steps as follow:

I take a screenshot of an application. Launch Paint.Net. Paste screenshot. Attempt to save file to desktop as either a jpg or png. Sometimes Paint.net will take a really long to navigate folders in the save dialog. When I do click save, the save file dialog closes and a progress dialog sometimes appears, but in short order the Paint.NET UI stops refreshing. Memory usage by the PaintDotNet process is at a constant 50 MB and CPU usage by the process stays at 0%. I wait for some time (10 minutes or more) and nothing happens. I must then kill the process from the task manager. If, by some chance I am able to click on the close button of the Paint.NET window before the UI becomes completely unresponsive, I get an "End Program, this program is not responding" dialog. If I click "End Now", the Paint.Net window will go away, but the process persists in the task manager until I kill it.

A crash file is never generated.

I apologize for my verbosity, but as a fellow developer, I know that the minor details frequently matter. I have used Paint.NET with much success in the past, and most in our office also use it, so the configuraion of my machine is certainly suspect. What are your thoughts?

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I mean I am also a developer.

If PDN hangs while You are browsing folders or trying to save in a folder, maybe the problem is a privilege type problem.

Try checking the permissions on files and folders, running the app as an admin, not sand-boxing it...

PDN for security uses tolkens. Maybe the programers made a bug and mixed something. Like, when I am writing a plugin, I have to handle them I don't really like that.

Or, maybe a DLL is damaged or missing. But if it was missing the app would not run (DLLs are connected as assembly references).

Or, update PDN.

If you solve the problem please publish how did You do that.

(If I didn't help, sorry.)

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If you have any videos or images that use DivX in the folder your saving to, then you should move them to a folder of their own. DivX files such as video, images, and some flash animations that need the DivX Codec have been known to cause Saving and Opening errors such as fresszes within Paint.NET.

Hope that helps

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