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Selecting Using Ratio

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First of all, fantastic program!! It has been fitting my needs very well as I've been developing my classroom website with logos, personal graphics, etc.

I was wondering if it's possible to select an area of an image using a ratio. I know PhotoShop has this type of option, as well as a constrained and/or fixed selection size, but I haven't been able to get Paint.NET to do it. For example, can you specify that you want a ratio of 6x4 (or other ratio), then crop the image and resize to the correct size?

I know that you can see the proportions of your selection in the status bar of the screen, and that I can figure out a pretty close approximation. I just thought the selection by ratio would make my life easier.

Any thoughts, or might this be a feature in a future version?



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To the extent of my knowledge, Paint.NET does not have this at this time.

I have however used a method to constrain a selection to a ratio before, so you may be able to get some use out of it too!

For example, for a 4:3 ratio, make a selection 4 units by 3 units (units = px, cm, in, whichever you're using), then switch to the Move Selection tool and scale the selection up, making sure to hold [shift] to constrain the ratio. Just make sure that you grab one of the corner handles, not one of the side handles.

Hope that helps!

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Crazy Man Dan... you are fantastic!

I just tried your idea out, and it worked perfectly. I was going for a 6:4 ratio, so I zoomed in to 800%, made a 6x4 selection, scaled it out so it was big enough to use in the 100% view, zoomed out, scaled it to perfectly fit the image, cropped it, resized it to the right size, and it is absolutely perfect!

Thanks for the great idea!!


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