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Suggestion: EXIF option on save dialog

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One thing that bugs me with PDN is that when I edit a JPG, PDN saves the file with EXIF data that was not there in the original. This is particularly problematic when trying to produce clean data for web publishing and site design.

Example EXIF:

"Orientation: Top-left

Modified date/time: 2009:01:30 01:20:30

Modified date/time subsecs: 140

X resolution: 96.0000

Y resolution: 96.0000

Resolution unit: Inches

Camera version: Paint.NET v3.36"

One fix for this would be to add an "show options" checkbox in the JPG save dialog. When the box is checked, a separate window appears with the following checkbox options:

-Save EXIF Data

-Save IPTC Data

-Save JPG Comment

-Reset EXIF Orientation tag

-Use these options next time

I expect this would be a reasonably simple change to make, and would greatly increase the versatility of PDN JPEG support. It certainly would reduce the suite of software I use for image editing.

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I expect this would be a reasonably simple change to make...

I expect you to pay me a million dollars right now.

Yeah, expectations and reality are pretty far apart, aren't they?

The point is, don't say that unless you have programmed Paint.NET. And there's only one guy who's done that. You have no idea how easy or hard it would be.

As for the feature request - it's been sent before, though i don't know why it's not on the Popular Feature Requests thread. I think Rick has expressed interest in figuring this out, though I'm not sure. For now, I'd recommend a program like IrfanView that can edit metadata directly.


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