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I want to disable pressure sensitivity

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I have a bamboo fun tablet and what drives me bonkers is that there is absolutely no way for me to disable pressure sensitivity on Vista. Someone please tell me how I can do this, whether through this program itself, a plugin for paint.net, or another process entirely. I want uniform lines!

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Hello Glorious.

I would like to point out that I do not own a Wacom Bamboo, but I do own a Wacom Volito2, so I'm hoping I can be of some assistance.

For me, there is a small icon in the system tray (PenFlicks-On.png) called 'Pen Flicks', that if I right-click I can disable pressure sensitivity with the tablet (the icon should change to PenFlicks-Off.png). You can also find Pen Flicks in Control Panel at: Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Pen and Input Devices.

Hang on, though, you should know that in the next version of Paint.NET (v3.5), pressure sensitivity is being completely removed due to coding issues and for the fact that the developer has no way of testing the capabilities himself. So, it shouldn't be too long before it is regardless whether you have pressure sensitivity on or off.

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Thank you for the reply. I've tried what you suggested but there's no pressure sensitivity option (I just installed the latest drivers released April 9, 2009 as well), probably because mine is the ultra budget tablet of the Wacom family and they don't want us having any power options. Since I was in the control panel already I went through Pen Tablet Properties and the Tablet PC Settings menus as well to no luck. I even tried googling around but I couldn't find any "power-user" software for this tablet that might give me additional customizable settings.

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You mentioned 'Pen Tablet Properties'. I too have a similarly named dialog from where I can interchange been Pen Mode and Mouse Mode, for which Mouse Mode effectively turns off pressure sensitivity.

My dialog looks like this (click for full size):


Beyond this, there is very little more I can advise with, not having the same product. I also Googled, as you did, with no luck: nothing seemed to apply to your circumstance.

You do have two options now:

1) wait for another member in possession of a Wacom Bamboo to offer their intuition;

2) wait for Paint.NET v3.5, which, between you, me and a cat's shake, an alpha (pre-release) shouldn't be too much longer. Then, as I previously mentioned, it will not matter as tablet support is being entirely removed.

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