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Canvas size how to?

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Using canvas size tool, with the image showing, I am putting in new pixel size requirements as an absolute size, selecting 'middle', and clicking 'OK'. What comes up is a small middle section of the image, rather than being the mornal image now anchored in the new size. What am I doing wrong :?: Thanks. Pioneer

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Could you provide us with a screenshot please?

Whilst you're doing that, I'll try to discern what could be the problem. When a canvas is enlarged, the new space created is automatically filled with the secondary colour. Could this be leading you to believe the new size doesn't look as it should? Also, an upward resize will automatically adjust the zoom level to fit the entire (new) canvas into view; you can check the zoom level and adjust if necessary.

Finally, and I'm not being intentionally condescending when I say this, but are you confusing Canvas Size with the sole Resize function? Are you expecting the image to become larger rather than the canvas? If so, do the exact same you have been, but in the Resize dialog instead.

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