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Changing the eyes, images over eyes

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hi everyone

I'm brand new to Paint.NET and it seems to be a great app, loads of fun to be had.

However I'm really struggling to do certain things.

What I'm trying to do is on a image of a face, I'd like to change the eyes, and have another image over them. I have other images of some sciencey stuff, The Earth, DNA strands etc. I'd like to have the DNA strands in place of the eyes, but still have them look like eyes. I'm not quite sure how to explain it really.

I've had a search, and a look through the tutorials but cant quite fathom out what to do.

Is there any chance of some help please?

Cheers sandra

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Hey srichards.

Give this a try: viewtopic.php?f=34&t=28790

With that, you can cut out the globe/DNA strand/whatever and place it over the eyes on its own layer. Alternatively, you can cut out the eyes instead, copying the globe/DNA strand/whatever to a new layer ( :AddNewLayer: ), moving it beneath the face ( :Down: ). This way has the benefit of effectively 'constraining' the item to the shape of the eyes.

Good luck, and post if you require further help.

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