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Can't get Paint.Net installed - error code 1610

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Hi folks,

first of all I apologize for my English, it is rusted. :wink:

after having installed some windows updates, paint.net (last version) stopped working. I tryed to uninstall it using the windows control panel, but nothing, for some reasons the uninstall process was not possible. The error message was related to a missing file.

Thus I tried to manually clean up the system register, deleting all the items linked to paint.net.

Then I downloaded paint.net again and tried a new installation. Nothing... the error code is 1610 "configuration data corrupted. Ask for assistance".

I also tried to unzip the file with several programs apart from winzip.

Can anybody throw me a bone please?

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Windows XP.

I succeeded. I had to run Windows Install Clean UP to uninstall Paint.net. Since I already tried to uninstall it and have the system register clean, in the list created by windows install clean up there was no indication about paint.net, i.e. there was no program named paint.net or the like. I noticed that the first item in the list was empty except for the indication "all users". I selected that item and run windows install clean up.

Then the installation of paint.net went smooth.



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