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background canvas color

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I am new to paint. I have very simple needs in using this program and yet I can't figure it out no matter how many times I choose help topics. I need to format an image. I have resized it and centered it for canvas, but I can't figure out how to make the canvas color black instead of white. Can anyone help? I need this for an important application.

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I am new to this as well, :) since I don't know what you've tried already, i'll just throw out an idea. If you already tried it, sorry. Hopefully someone else might know how to help.

Go to the color's window, and make sure when you choose black that its going into the "Primary color" box. Then go to the tool box and choose the paint bucket and fill in the white area of your picture.

If the paint bucket thing won't fill in the white area of your image, I think that means you've got a pixel-patterned color rather than a true white. It could be a pattern of pastel colors so if you use the paint bucket trying to fill, it might just be coloring one or two pixels that you cannot see. I hope I actually am helping instead of looking like a n00b... :oops:

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