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  1. Oooops !!! LOL I seriously didn't see that and thought dropbox meant it was a errr...function within a thing called AFAIX no, no...please no blonde jokes.
  2. thx for the instruct Corberen. This is really pretty! Its easy and fun to play around with! As for that 3rd one you did, you might not know what it is, but I find it very striking! I want to show you my one that I did, but this is your gallery so I'll just link my one. http://i495.photobucket.com/albums/rr31 ... ewoods.gif
  3. MMMMm....PPHHHH!!! *Smack Simon with a rubber chicken!* well, I'm sure he'll gimme some kind of link when he gets here! hello *waves* yes, I'll try out that place! tricky menus won't much bother me. I know I'll get used to them. How does this place do at storing music files? The one I use now shrinks my images down to 1/2 size and you cannot link music files at all.
  4. There's my attempt at it Its very cool! I'm going to have fun messing around with that method. I added some extra layers to mine. One layer, I just took the original image of mud after the colors were changed and used a twist and a zoom and that made a nice glow for the back of the planet
  5. *jumps up all over the place* IT WORKS! IT WORKS! I got my image on here! I made that with my very own pixels! Yay! WHOOP! *shifty eyes* ....errr...am I allowed to do that? ... ... (quietly) WHHOOOT! *jumps around less vigrously and whispers* It works! It works!
  6. can you link me to AFAIK? I found a couple of different ones through google that are computer stuffs places so not sure which one you're recommending. They sound pretty good and I want to try it. I also want to try something, since i'm here, and just testing...wanna see how this goes... Edit: this host is awful and is why I'm looking for a reference to something better.
  7. *scratches head* Umm...GooglePages? No, I've never even heard of that, but I will look into it. Now, this is a new term to me. It means basically that I or someone else could take the URL of a picture file and put the URL say on here or another website, and the picture would show up where the link was pasted, and that would be a direct link? If my thick skull didn't filter too much of that, then Yes, I need direct linking. Shall I check out this AFAIK too?
  8. (sorry if this is the wrong sort of question for this particular forum. If I've done something wrong, I'll provide you with a rubber chicken and you can smack me with it...once...gently...) I already know about photobucket and imageshack. They're not what I'm looking for. I've looked all over for a similar question/discussion and don't see any. I'm wondering what you all would recommend for a good cheap web hosting/ free web space site so I can put all my files in one place, rather than have music codes over there, and images over there and that file over there... I've had a couple different ones but they are so full of malware and inapropriate (really, very :x innapropriate) forced adds that I'm not willing to just go try anything now without a recommendation from someone.
  9. Those are both very pretty :shock: I'd like to know how you did them so I can try to do the same thing for practice as I'm pretty new here as well. That's very nice for first images and you should do more! Make one that's got silvery/pink looking mandelbrot fractals and a dark red/maroon BG
  10. Oh, i sort of figured as much about that empty tut, thx for showing me Ash. I'll just check back on it then.
  11. I've been doing just that, Helen, drawing stuff, or using pics I got and just playing around. There's only so much I can learn on my own doing that though, so i go into tutorials to get new ideas to play around with some more. Instruction in the tutorials are sometimes written in such a way that I can't do them without having to go do three other tutorials. For example, here's a step I saw somewhere "Type something." Okay...what if I didn't know that you need to click on a new tool to be able to type something? Okay yeah we should know this stuff from doing the interactive beginner's guide or reading the help files. (I knew very well how to type something btw that's just an example of what I've been runing into) but how about a tiny reminder? How about saying..."go get the 'text tool' and type something." There's also other problems like this one is a good example viewtopic.php?f=34&t=26967 the title looked like something I wanted to try. Basic and easy. I'm assuming that the tutorial was done with images and instructions attached right into the images. There's nothing there now at all, so I can't learn that one. I hope it gets updated, or redone. I know I'm trying to make a point here, but i think I'm so new that I don't know what it is I'm trying to say. *pulls out hair and runs in circles*
  12. Thanks very much! They look like they are just what I should be trying at this point and am going to try them right now
  13. Nothing now, but I adore Final Fantasy and Zelda
  14. the problem is, when I pick the ones that I want, I find things in them that are over my head right now and I just end up getting stuck. :oops: I think I need to get a tutorial with no plugins required that'll give me a really good lesson on layers, what to do with them and show how the transparency values effect each layer.
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