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Palette Conversion

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Is it possible to convert an image to a certain palette (examples: 8-bit, 16-bit, etc) in Paint.NET? I don't really want to download Photoshop/Paint Shop Pro to do it. Thanks for any help that is given.

Edit: Just in case there's confusion, I want to be able to do this in Paint.NET: http://www.packetsniffers.org/projects/ ... rial1.html

Is there an Indexed Color-like option in Paint.NET?

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Greetings Vidar.

Try Curtis' Selective Palette plugin, where you can limit the palette of the image to a user-defined set of colours: viewtopic.php?f=16&t=22521

As you have figured out, Paint.NET doesn't have an indexed colour mode, and the nearest you will get is when saving in the PNG, GIF or BMP file formats is to opt for the 8-bit depth (GIF has no option but 8-bit, with a maximum palette of 256 colours). Whilst working, without saving, the above plugin is as close as you will get, plugin-wise that is.

Hope this helps.

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