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Rendered Flame with text on it?

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I dont know if you guys are fimiliar with fragmovies but ill ask my question anyway as its related to painting

Ill start of with my question and then ill explain what its for

How can I make a picture like that in paint.net

SOme info:

Well I am starting making fragmovies of the game ET

I can record Avi files etc and edit them in a moviemaker

Only the problem is

I want a nice 'border' for my name

People make borders to show the name of the player doing the in game actions

Is there a tut around here I could use

Note: its a sort of a render so something like this wouldnt do :(


I have searched around but I couldnt find it

Here is the video

http://www.own3d.at/watch/extreme-tempe ... 10084.html

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