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Crash on use; setup won't install

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I had been using PaintNet, then one day it wouldn't load. I downloaded version 3.36 yesterday, uninstalled the previous version, and tried to install 3.36. I get an error "Paint.net setup front end has encountered a problem". The the installation stops, there is no error log entry.

I have Windows XP professional service pack 3, Dell Inspiron 8600, I gig RAM, Pentium 1.6 GHx processor. It had worked fine and I liked it.


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Did you uninstall the previous version first just to make sure there wasn't a problem there?

Also,you may want to uninstall the program,check your program files and make sure that everything is fully removed and then re-install again.If this still doesn't help maybe its a problem with your computer and it just happens to be reacting to PDN for some reason,try a system restore to a date before this problem was occurring and try it then.If you need help with any of these steps let me know.

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I did uninstall. I then went under programs and manually removed the Paint.Net folder. Same error message as noted earlier.

I don't use Paint.Net all that frequently so restoring to a point before the problem arose would be difficult to determine.

I notice on the Paint.Net download page it says Net Framework 3.5 SP 1 recommended. I looked on my system and it shows I have Net Framework 2 SP 1.

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